We Are Groot

It's that time of the week again, folks! Somehow it's managed to sneak up on me, despite the predictable interval in between posts... I'm happy to announce on this occasion, I have a writing-related reason for being unprepared. For those of you who've been keeping track, I participated in a Twitter contest called Pitch Wars … Continue reading We Are Groot


Travelogue: Peterman Island & the Lemaire Channel, Antarctica

Our second day amongst the ice and animals was already a massive success, but it didn't end after our second Zodiac tour. As we all relaxed and recovered from the excitement, the captain shifted us to our third site! We powered full steam ahead throughout dinner and were anchored near Peterman Island by the time … Continue reading Travelogue: Peterman Island & the Lemaire Channel, Antarctica

24 Hours

Despite my best attempts at sourcing a functional Time Turner (Hermione, you lucky gal) I have yet to be successful. As such, I'm limited, like all the rest of muggle humanity, to a measly twenty-four hours each day to get my shiz sorted. This week that allotment has been completely INSUFFICIENT. Anyone would think working … Continue reading 24 Hours

Travelogue: Yalour Islands & Pléneau Bay, Antarctica

After an amazing first day of landings and Zodiac tours, I could barely imagine how anything on day two could top it. But as I'm sure will become apparent as you read more about my adventures, there's no point setting any bars while in Antarctica because everything is absolutely spectacular in its own way! We … Continue reading Travelogue: Yalour Islands & Pléneau Bay, Antarctica

Travelogue: Hanusse Bay & Polar Plunge, Antarctica

How's that for suspense? Leave you hanging for two weeks while I have a mini-melt. Harsh, dude, I know. Thanks for sticking with me!   Now, I will admit my travel journal was not my number one priority at certain points in the trip... Therefore, I went back and caught up on my writing a … Continue reading Travelogue: Hanusse Bay & Polar Plunge, Antarctica

Travelogue: Detaille Island, Antarctica

The long-awaited landing day had finally arrived! Over night we continued to steam south, past the circle, and the view out the porthole was completely different when we were roused by the P.A. at 06:45 the next morning. I could barely eat breakfast due to my excitement, but my landing group, Shackleton, was last in … Continue reading Travelogue: Detaille Island, Antarctica

How Much Is Enough?

I will admit up front this is an extremely self-indulgent post, mainly to get the contents of my brain out onto the page. However, I hope my downfall can also inform your success. For those of you who aren't in the writing community, or aren't really in the loop on Twitter, there is currently a … Continue reading How Much Is Enough?