Germs are from Satan’s Kitchen

The microscopic ninjas have struck again! It's no wonder, with the number of people with "the flu" who came through my doors last week. The sniffle season has well and truly begun. But seriously, guys - pet peeve alert. Just because you feel gross does not make it the flu. In fact, if you were … Continue reading Germs are from Satan’s Kitchen

Low-Carb, High What?!

The substance of this post is something I originally published on my other blog, but after much consideration I've decided to consolidate the two of them. First of all, simplicity is a writer's friend when trying to maintain a platform! Secondly, I think I limited myself too much by choosing a narrow scope in my … Continue reading Low-Carb, High What?!

Managing Multiple Masters

This week has been a whirlwind in so many ways. As my medical day jobs (yes, plural) picked up again, my free time retreated into the distant past, leaving me a bit dazed. Remember when I said I wasn't tired? HA. HAHA. Brilliant idea, last-week-self. Tempt the universe like that again and I'll slap you … Continue reading Managing Multiple Masters

Casting the Parts: Hubris or Essential Character Building?

I'm going to let you in on a secret: all writers are self-centred. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean the kind of self-centred where we think the sun shines out of our proverbial... that's not really in our nature. Most of us seriously doubt our skills as wordsmiths, usually to the point of swearing … Continue reading Casting the Parts: Hubris or Essential Character Building?

Sketchy Sarah

Dear Blogosphere, I'm afraid Reliable Sarah is currently unavailable. For those of you who have subscribed to her blog, she thanks you profusely! For those of you visiting for the first time, welcome, and she hopes to see you when she returns. Unfortunately, I, Sketchy Sarah, have taken up residence here these past couple of … Continue reading Sketchy Sarah