Travelogue: Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Our third day at sea on the Sea Adventurer was practically placid compared to the first day of travel out in the open ocean - they named the water in the Drake Passage the "Roaring 40s" for a reason. Shane's dulcet tones woke us with an announcement about the schedule for the day, and there … Continue reading Travelogue: Crossing the Antarctic Circle


Travelogue: Crossing the Drake

The long-anticipated moment had finally arrived! While my trip was essentially booked on a whim, the whole purpose of my two-month adventure was to travel to Antarctica. Sure, I'd found some great additional places to visit to round out my time, but the call of the ice and penguins was paramount. I'm not going to … Continue reading Travelogue: Crossing the Drake

Successful People Fail

No matter who you are, you have at least one person in your life who always seems to have their shit together. You know the one I mean: everything they touch turns to gold. Their new ideas take flight and they're soon celebrating yet another great accomplishment. They earn their desired promotions, manage to snag … Continue reading Successful People Fail

Germs are from Satan’s Kitchen

The microscopic ninjas have struck again! It's no wonder, with the number of people with "the flu" who came through my doors last week. The sniffle season has well and truly begun. But seriously, guys - pet peeve alert. Just because you feel gross does not make it the flu. In fact, if you were … Continue reading Germs are from Satan’s Kitchen